Coffee, stylus and pen

Now a tumblr!

A couple of little things I have been doodling between work and other projects

Hi guys, here follows my contribution to the Freehands Project, the glorious brain baby of Iris Muddy, go check it out over here, it is a wonderful little thang
Goblin Bob I did for the LevelUp session tonight
Played around with composition, contrast and design today, was really fun
Here is a study from last night. Summer vacation is coming to an end, and I am gearing up for being highly productive, both in working, and in exploring my new city of residence, Prague. I hope I won’t get too badly on your nerves, but I cannot guarantee it, so brace yerselves folks:D
Another prtrait! 
So we’re back at portraits then. Between stuff I am doing for freelance, stuff that is secret and stuff I have not scanned yet, I have not been good enough at putting up new stuff, but here is one of my friend Marielle, who was willing to sit for me this evening while doing some sketches herself. Took about 3 hours, next time I am gonna have to find a good way of including some tattoos! Jesper, you’re next!
Hi guys! Here is a piece I did for an upcoming tutorial over at 3DTotal for the theme “The Alchemist’s Workshop”, so for those interested in the process you got something to look forward to!
An itsy bitsy study, preparing for an illustration